We are delighted to reveal that Athleticos will be the exclusive coverage providers for the England Athletics Outdoor Track and Field Events scheduled for 2012. The Athleticos Coverage Team will be at the England Senior, National U20 & U23 and U15 & U17 Championships which take place this summer.

Here is the press release from England Athletics

Athletes, coaches and athletics fans will be able to watch action from England Athletics’ championships this summer thanks to a recent deal with our new providers Athleticos.

England Athletics first started trialling filming at our championships in 2010 and the coverage has grown in popularity since then with fans of the sport wanting to see how national titles were decided, athletes keen to watch their own events and coaches wanting to analyse the performances of their athletes.

During this period Athleticos have also been at the forefoot of growing the availability of coverage of athletics events that is available online through their website at www.athleticos.org. As well as coverage of UK events the Athleticos website also features athlete interviews and footage from overseas events.

Athleticos will provide EATV with coverage of the England Athletics Closed Senior & Parallel Success Championships on 2nd-3rd June, the Aviva England Athletics Under 23 & Under 20’s Championships & World Trials on  16th-17th June, and the England Athletics Under 17 & Under 15 Championships (incorporating the England Athletics national junior championships for disabled athletes). The footage will be available at www.englandathletics.org/EATV as well as later being featured at www.athleticos.org.

England Athletics Head of Teams and Competition Andy Day said, "Being able to have online video coverage of the England Athletics championships has been a very positive development for the sport. We have received a great deal of positive feedback from people who have enjoyed being able to watch the events online. We know that it encourages the athletes who enjoy being able to watch their events, coaches have commented on the benefits of being able to go through the event with their athletes afterwards, and of course it is exciting to watch national titles being decided. So we hope this benefits existing athletes and helps to inspire people who are looking to get involved in the sport.

"We are pleased that this year Athleticos will be supplying us with event coverage. The ethos their work and website shows sits well with that of England Athletics – an enthusiasm for the sport at all levels, a desire to encourage and celebrate the achievements of athletes who are progressing to higher levels of performance, and, through their athlete interviews as well as their action footage, a desire to help more people understand, appreciate and be inspired by our sport."

Tom Gayle of Athleticos said, "The partnership between England Athletics and Athleticos is fantastic news. Ever since the Athleticos site was first launched back in 2010 our simple aim has been to provide the British public with as much coverage of the sport as possible. We have worked extremely hard to help support athletes and coaches by offering the exposure which their endeavours merit, whilst also providing fellow athletics’ enthusiasts with the breadth and detail they deserve. We are extremely grateful that England Athletics have recognised not only our commitment to promoting the sport we love, but also the quality of service we have to offer."

For more information about England Athletics championships please see www.englandathletics.org/championships, EATV footage can be viewed at www.englandathletics.org/EATV. Athleticos’ website is at www.athleticos.org.