This week UK Athletics announced their list of funded athletes for 2013. The annual publication is always a source for great debate in and amongst the athletics community as opinions are often divided towards those selected for the World Class Performance Programme (WCPP).

“Being part of the WCPP is a privilege and not a right and athletes selected will be expected to fulfill tough performance criteria" maintains UKA’s new performance director Neil Black.

Thanks to social networking site twitter the public has been able witness first-hand the thoughts of a number of international athletes as they reacted to the announcement.

@tomparsons6: Checked the list but winning the Bedford Games was apparently not enough to get me back on funding

@MichaelRimmer8 For the record I've always tried to see funding as a bonus and not a given right. I dont live or die by this decision. The journey continues

@AshleighLNelson You don't have to be funded to be a champion, You just have to work hard and GET ON WITH IT!

@scottoverall Development Funding was nice while it lasted

@Thommo10k: In all seriousness, I have always been grateful to the lottery funding I have received over the years, and felt to have been treated fairly

@paulajradcliffe Just to clarify I am very grateful for the support Lottery Funding gives us athletes and fully expected to see it withdrawn.

@gunnyluke Rory Fraser is a really nice&talented guy, but not sure how he has been selected over Vernon, Farrell, McCormmick, Thompson.. to name a few.

@JNETTEKWAKYE What's the fuss about funding? I started working alongside my training two years ago to ensure I would never have to worry...

@NigelLevine I #love the @UKA_athletics #system...!

@strachan400m Uka picked there favourites for the funding again I see.

@MarlonDevonish1 All this fuss about funding. This year was the first time I didn't make the team since 1997! Didn't expect to be funded. #noshockreally

@andyturner110h Trust me athletes, funding is not the be all and end all. #provethemwrong

@doranjav80 Funding announcement was made and yes I am not retained after only being on for 1 year.Welldone 2 all of those who are on funding.

@AbiOyepitan Decided to drop my 2cent in this funding talk - I learnt a long time ago that UKA cldnt care less about women's relay!

@goldiesayers Talking a good game is not enough. You have to walk the walk however hard.

@n1ck_mcCorm1ck #funding Not been on it for 5 years, didn't expect it or deserve it but in the last year I have become an Olympian because I wanted it bad!

@PhillipsIdowu was I on funding?

@alexhammersmith I had to make the olympic final just to stay on E funding #toughsport

@jcampbelljav Funding announcements are what Twitter was made for. A place to make your feelings known publicly and get in trouble for it! Genius

@LeonBaptiste Majority of athletes abroad don't receive funding. But they continue to get results. You can do the same!

@DuqueminZ Very grateful for the support I'll receive from UKA as part of the WCPP!! #HardWorkPaysOff

The complete list of athletes who will receive support from the World Class Performance Programme (WCPP) for 2013 can be found here