Hi-energy Jelly Bar

With the marathon season and winter traini
ng well under way we thought it beneficial for Athleticos to supply our
Users with not only coverage but information to help pick th
rough the mass of products out there.

One of the biggest factors behind training aside from putting your trainers on and getting out the door is nutrition. Training breaks the body down and in order to benefit one needs to recover. With most athletes training many times a week and often twice a day the pressures on their body are vast. Nutrition plays a big part in the recovery process and a great range of sports food to help performance and recovery is like training gold.

Multipower are a Leading European Sports Food Company. Their refreshing and encompassing approach to sports nutrition supplies the athlete with not only the high quality product but the information to utilize it to the full.

Their new Hi-energy jelly bar is specifically aimed at endurance athletes and works at supplying an alternative to gels. “The Multicarbo® Hi-energy jelly bar boasts the finest quality ingredients, including a carbohydrate mix of glucose to provide a quick energy boost, and isomaltulose, a low glycemic carbohydrate which is digested and absorbed slowly to provide sustained energy.”

The concept of the high energy jelly bar is what excited us about this product. Gels are not to everyone’s liking and an alternative to try is a positive thing. In looking at and trying the product the main aspect that comes across is its palatable nature.The Hi-energy jelly is a fantastic new product, it tastes great, is easily digestible and provides an effective long lasting energy supply. The solid jelly makes it really easy to consume during hard training and competition and offers an interesting alternative to the range of Multipower gels.

As we all see, especially with in the marathon, one nutritional mistake and your race is over. A prime example has to be Haile Gebrselassie and his numerous stomach problems in recent marathon races. Should he try the jelly bar……just a thought!? 

All told it is a great, innovative product that serves the longer distance runner yet would be equally useful for a power athlete needing a boost.

Follow the link to purchase the bar and make sure to spend some time on the site as their blogs and videos are very insightful!

Hi-energy Jelly Bar
£1.29 for a 50g pouch, and is available to purchase from

Loughborough based athlete and both talented Triathlete and Runner Will Clarke is a Multipower supported athlete.

NB: Athletiocs do not have any official nutrition qualifications. The article above is merely an opinion.