Well here we are the day after yesterdays final, and i've had time to reflect on the race and the champs as a whole.
After initially being severely annoyed and upset, i realised that i ran the race i wanted to run and for 350m it was spot on, just i just lacked that little something extra that i needed towards the end. On the day i just wasn't good enough and i will make sure that next time the same thing doesn't happen. Fair play to the rest of the guys, they all stepped up and all 5 non-british guys pb'd. I had vowed to make sure that if anyone wanted to beat me they were going to have to run very well, and i feel that is what happened, its just a shame i couldn't run better myself.

Im looking back now and thinking of the disappointment of last year and failing to make the world junior team, and seeing it as a massive positive that i have been able to come back this year and just make the championships. So i will move on now and hopefully it won't be too long until i am pulling on the gb vest once again.

No excuses.