So its the big day tomorrow! Really looking forward to it. Its the day most of the British athletes have been waiting for and is the time to shine! And the sun is meant to be joining us!!

Prep for this comp has been good. Weather has been decent recently and I have been training well at the elite training camp that is Maplehurst Farm (field in West Sussex that my training group throws at in the company of sheep but more recently, alpaca). 'tis fun! Had a rest day yesterday however work was crazy busy and a had some photos done straight after my shift so didnt really feel like a rest day at all! Never mind. Today is a proper rest day just with a visit to my Chiropractor and the drive to Birmingham. Then compete tomorrow at 4.38 precisely! Should be a good comp tomorrow. It'll be another head-to-head with Eden Francis- both of us have 1 'B' standard for the Worlds and will be looking to get the all important second qualifier of 59.50. Also Philippa Roles is down to compete which, to my knowledge, will only be her second comp of the year. Phil has been winning medals at this Championships for the past 15 or so years so I will be expecting a battle from both of them.

Have to big up my training partners Chris Scott and Dave Coleman who go in for a much improved level of competition that is the mens Discus on the Sunday. 4 guys with the 'A' standard, 1 with a 'B', only won can win...ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!

Other than that, all is well in my camp and I am ready to go! Should be a good one to watch so watch this space. Saturday coverage on the BBC starts at 6pm :-)