Sorry for the delay folks. Been really busy training, working and other new bits in my life!

So, training has been going well. Stronger than even before, maintaining speed and flexibility despite being a bit heavier. PB's are coming out of everywhere in both the jumps and lifting :-) Great times ahead! I am however coming to the end of my strength block now. Couple more weeks to go and we'll be into the phase of Mission: 2012, which will be specific strength. Exciting times!

In other news, my attempts to spread the word about my potential Olympian status is on the up! Been doing a number of award evenings, school visits and other things. Getting quite a lot of requests now so am finding myself having to turn down a few! So juggling and prioritising my time is becoming increasingly important. God knows how the likes of Jess Ennis and Mo Farah do it! I'm some way off that and feel really bad when I have to say no!

Other things in my life, I've been informed that my training venue in Horsham may be demolished next year in December! Bad news for everyone that trains there in all sports! Hopefully there will be enough people to change the council's mind! Please sign the petition and help me save my (and others) training venue!

Thats been the majority of my life so far, to stay updated, follow me on Twitter @JadeNichollsT69 for daily posts and updates.