It has been a while since my blog, and like all us athletes use as an excuse to lecturers ‘had training, sorry’. My reason’s basically the same except I’ve just been seriously busy with my Indoor season, so I think it’s time to recap on it all. I know I said in my first blog I wouldn’t just talk about running but that’s pretty much been my life lately, unfortunately, so I’ll try keep it as short and sweet as possible. I won a few races, defended a few titles, and ran a PB of 1.47.84.. Sorted. This must be the shortest blog in the history of mankind? I’m joking... I’ll go a wee bit more in depth… maybe.

Anyway, the season kicked off as it does every year in Glasgow at the National Open, and despite only being in Glasgow less than an hour I witnessed a high speed police car chase with some radge in a pimped up Vauxhaul Corsa, a young lady who clearly had far too much to drink, being escorted out of a rundown pub in a stretcher by the kind paramedics of the St. John’s Ambulance, and to top it all off my Hotel was worse than Faulty Towers! Oh, the joys of being in Glasgow! For anyone wanting to visit Scotland stay WELL CLEAR off Glasgow, go to Edinburgh, kapeesh? Oh yeah, I won my race too which was a good start to the season. Shortly backed up by a win in Vienna at the Indoor Classic in a time of 1.49.52 of a very slow first 600, so can’t complain. Regardless of my love for going abroad, the Hotel in Vienna was another hell hole! I woke up the morning of my race with wet paint on my pants from sleeping against the wall, I mean c’mon, what’s that all about!? Nevertheless, it was crunch time the week after at the UK Champs, where I managed to pick up a Silver medal despite running like a 12 year old!

However, this was enough to secure my place on the start list for the Aviva Grand Prix in Birmingham, where my whole winter’s training would be tested. I knew this was the race that would make my season a success or failure, in my eyes it was anyway. Regardless of rolling in 8th place, which was expected against the field which included, European & Commonwealth Champions, along with numerous World medallists and Olympians, all that was going through my head was 1.48.00 (World Indoor Q Time) and when I seen Mohammad Aman’s winning time of 1.45.40 I knew I had it, my official time was 1.47.84! A personal best and a huge breakthrough! Despite not being selected for the World Champs, I was delighted. Yet, I do not put this down to hard training, dedication, commitment, perseverance or any other physical and mental attributes but down to one banana at breakfast and the rocket fuel of 2 jam sandwiches, courtesy of Lewis Moses & Ryan McCloud of course! Who need’s nutritional advice? This is the secret behind any successful athlete, I’m dead certain of it…

Finally, my season was coming to an end, body was physically and mentally tired, as anyone would be feeling after months of intense training and weeks of travelling and competing. But I just can’t get enough, my head or heart for that matter, won’t listen to my body so I decided to compete in a 3 round race at the BUCS Champs, you know, just to kill my body even more! After cruising through my heat and semi-final, I wanted to go out with a bang in the final, so me being me, what do I go and do, run a second quicker at 600 than I did in Birmingham, front running too! I felt great till 750, then my legs have never filled up with Larry lactic so much or so quick, so I had to grit my teeth the last 50m to defend my title in a time of 1.49.29 winning by around 2 seconds. I wouldn’t have wanted to run any other way and it was a great way to close the curtains.

So what’s next, well, an Exec Suite at the most recent Man City game with the infamous Eliot ‘Elmo’ Buckner, safe to say we we’re wined and dined and treat like royalty… They must have known Elmo’s Dad? Yeah maybe. Also back to lectures which I just can’t wait to get back too – I just love doing assignments more than anything! Another 8 weeks of endurance work, of which a month will be based in California throughout April! But it’s not the burning hot sun, the American way of life, having Fruitloops every day for brekkie or even treating myself to reece’s pieces that most excites me, it’s the psychopathic wildlife that I may encounter, I hope Baxter isn’t there... this could be interesting! I’ll keep you all posted, via Twitter that is.. @GuyLearmonth1

For now, ‘You stay classy San Diego’ (Ron Burgundy voice).