Hello everyone, hope all is well.

Many athletes are currently all over the world on their warm weather training camps. I however have just got back from mine. I spent two weeks at the Alfamar Sports Resort which is situated in the Algarve, in Portugal.

I went away with my training group from Loughborough Uni and we were extrememly lucky to have such lovely weather for the majority of the trip. The warm weather really helped my training and as a result I had several good and exciting sessions on the track.

Fitsense Sports were kind enough to provide me with Galius Sun suncream for my time away. It was very useful because it is especially designed for sports people who train in hot conditions as it is sweat resistant. If anybody is interested in getting some of this suncream (which I highly recommend) you can get a 10% discount on their website (www.fitsense.co.uk) just type in the code DIAMOND.

We got into a pretty good routine while away. Training took place in the morning while the sun wasn’t too hot and then the afternoon was generally spent either catching some rays, exploring the surroundings, or chilling in a jacuzzi. We stayed in apartments that were in the hotel grounds which meant that we could cook our own food and therefore control what we ate. We soon came to realise however that the local supermarkets sold no meat at all, so we ended up living off chorizo pasta or eating out for the two weeks (making it quite expensive!).

I am now back in Loughborough for my last month of solid training before the 2012 outdoor season commences! My first competition will hopefully be the BUCS championships and I am very much looking forward to competing in the Olympic Stadium.

I understand that BUCS are selling an extra 6000 tickets for this competition on the 19th April so make sure you don’t miss out as I am sure it will be a fantastic weekend of athletics!