So, this time I'm blogging on my first warm weather training trip from sunny California! Although at present, not so sunny.

So far, I'm just under 2 weeks into the trip which is pretty much half way point. It's been really good so far. Great weather, facilities, people, and no work! All has gone really good so I'm optimistic for my first competition tomorrow at UCLA. Looking at the weather however, it seems theres quite a high risk of showers. Disappointing but hey, doesn't change my physical shape so I'm still hoping/ expecting good things!

All in all, I'm expecting to do 4-5 comps out here. Hopefully I can return back to the UK with a new PB and the Olympic A standard. That's the plan, lets see how it plays out!

Outside training, I went to SeaWorld, amazing! I recommend to all! And after the meet tomorrow, I will be popping down to Muscle Beach...proper excited about that!! Check out Golds gym, see Arnie's old gym, anything else that's around there! Maybe some celebs?? :-/

Until next time...