April! What a wet month!!

It's been up and down for me. March finished with a brilliant race in Switzerland leaving me only 79 seconds away from that special Olympic time for 20k!

Next up a month of hard work before our National 20k championships. Wrong!
I fell ill for two weeks with a stomach bug, I trained through it, (which I probably shouldnt have done), and came out the other side pretty wrecked. I was back on track with a good few days training, or so I thought! A week before the UKA National 20k, I hurt my hamstring and had to have a light week of training before the race... Which started off well, the aim was to back up my 85:49 from Switzerland. I got to 12k on for a good 20k time and was pretty happy, until cramp struck in my bad hamstring effecting the entire leg! I was leading the race by about 1 minute, but that lead dissapeared and by 15k I was in second and about 40 seconds off the lead! I wasnt a happy athlete at that point. But pushed on to finish in an averagly ok time of 89:52 and in the end only 19 seconds off Ben Wears who won the race.

I quickly moved on and put 100k in the next week! Tom was back! About time too. Leeds Met have just got themselves a Alter G, Anti Gravity treadmill to use for a few weeks, it takes the load off you're legs, but still allowing you to train as hard as usual. Helpful when recovering from a race and a bad hamstring!
So that brings us up to this week, where the GB team was announced for the Race Walking World Cup in Russia. I'll be in the Men's 20k. Im pretty tired now as i've had some crazy intense training sessions in the last couple of days, walking some quick times!

Im off for a massage now, my legs need it!!

All the best!