Apologies for the delay! I'm sure you've all been wondering what I've been up to! (maybe...maybe not).

So I've been back for just over a month now from San Diego. Had an amazing time out there with brilliant facilities, great atmosphere and weather to be envious of. Most importantly, I returned with the 2 important Olympic 'B' standards. Although this was slightly off what I was originally hoping for, a big chunk of pressure was now off my shoulders for me to enjoy the British season. Sadly however, every time I've competed in the UK so far, it's been cold and wet! So enjoying was maybe a tad optimistic. Good news is I managed to retain my English title!

I've had a couple of other meets abroad in Germany, one was OK, the second, pretty bad! Annoyingly, they were much better conditions than the UK ones so I felt the result should have been better in both. Alas, t'was not meant to be.

Next on the agenda is Bedford International Games (or BIG as its known). Weather is predicted to be....yep, wet! Although I think I'd prefer it wet, I have a score to settle with the rain and that Bedford circle! Following on from BIG, might be going to Sweden, then we're looking at the big weekend of the Olympic Trials. Over this time, ideally I'll hit the 'A' standard of 62m and win the trials. If not, well I did my absolute best!

So I have a few weeks to continue with training, progressing and generally fine tuning everything I've worked on for the past year(s). Very exciting times ahead.

Fingers crossed my next post will have some good Olympic news. We shall see.