Hello all,

So my 2012 season turned out to be a bit of a disaster!

After the trip to America, I should have been able to relax into my throwing and hit that all important A standard. Instead I put myself under a lot of pressure and listened to too many people which cost me my place on the team. In case anyone didn't know my situation, I was the only athlete 'selectable' for the Olympics as I was the only one who had the 2 current B standards and finished top 2 at the Trials. I was told I wouldn't be picked as my 'recent form' as opposed to 'current form' wasn't good enough and that I wouldn't be competitive in 4 weeks time. I appealed the decision but it was rejected.

Obviously massively disappointed at this decision as now we don't have anyone in the event. I know the selections were more than controversial for a lot of the athletes but with women's Disc, there was no other alternative! So it's very disheartening to find out your Governing Body would rather no representative than to send you.

Not to worry, I have learned a lot from this year. Nothing can be a bigger lesson than to find out the reasons why you can't go to the Olympics. These mistakes will not be made again!
The plan for me now is to try and get some good competitions under my belt. Mind set is completely different now I don't have the stress of trying to make the Olympic team. That can only be a good thing. Hopefully I can get some luck with conditions and throw a long way. Would be nice to break the English record this year. Then I guess winter training will start in around September time and the focus turns to World Champs in Moscow.

Thanks for reading, bye for now!