BMC Hampstead 800A inc Alan Webb

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BMC Hampstead 800A inc Alan Webb

by Matthew Coffey on August 14, 2010

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Comments6 comments

Tom Gayle 4 years ago

Great to see Alan back in action. He was a huge inspiration to many of us during his phenomenal 2007 campaign, this guys has such an awesome range, how many guys can run 1.43 and 27.30! As long as he stays healthy I am sure he will get back to his very best. This was just the start of a very long road ahead.

jero. 4 years ago

Not sure of his plan heading into the race...but looks like he never really competed. I'm hoping they had no big expectation for Alan. Even for a rust buster I expect a little more fight.

there he is 4 years ago

he's the slow one

DD 4 years ago

Which one is Webb?

. 4 years ago

how exciting

yoooo 4 years ago